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Author Topic: Keep Yourself updated on Medicine,diseases and treatment.Queries are invited  (Read 2293 times)

dr manav

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Friends you can ask any query about any medical term or disease.And i will also keep you updated about medicine

dr manav

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First of all i am going to tell you about the most prescribed necessary evil drug called Prednisone.
It is mainly prescribed for some serious blood related diseases,multiple organ diseases affecting skin,kidney,stomach and intestines etc.
Due to its multipurpose activity it is also prescribed in healthy individuals who have fever,bone pains,muscle pains,breathlessness etc which is dangerous if prescribed for long term.
Its short term course is very very effective which provides almost complete relief to patients in quick time which leads to patients buying this drug directly from medical stores without prescription.
Believe me some patients use this drug for years without any medical assistance which leads to serious side effects like swelling whole body and immunodeficiency that is capacity of body to fight against diseases.
So if you are prescribed drugs like prednisone,deflazacort,betamethsone,beclomethasone,clobetasol etc etc please dont use them for long term that is more than 10 days without medical assistance

dr manav

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High BP with no Symptoms
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2016, 11:41:39 PM »
We have seen many patients with high BP even some of our elderly family members who have to regularly take medications.
But today i want to share with you cases where old and even young persons have been accidentally diagnosed with high blood pressure.So high that it even reaches more than 200/140.These patients are healthy and come with different complaints.Not even a single symptom of high BP is experienced by them.This is called idiopathic or essential hypertension.

Normal BP is 120/80.

Such persons have normal blood tests report and thus cause is not known.Science is yet to discover the factual reason behind it.

So How to treat such cases?

Answer : Treatment based on medications and lifestyle changes including dietary intake.

Medications- Drugs used to reduce bp combined with drugs used to reduce volume of excessive fluid inside body.eg combination of telmisartan and hydrochlorthiazide. is the first drug of choice to reduce BP in such cases

Dietary intake- LSM diet- Low salt meal diet
Dash diet- high fiber,low fat and calcium rich diet
Low carbohydrate diet

dr manav

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Insomnia(Neend na auna)
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2016, 10:29:36 AM »
As per request of one of the forum member i am going to share info about a disorder called insomnia.
Insomnia is not a disease its an psychological disorder with difficulty in falling asleep,frequent awakening from sleep that is a person is not able to sleep continuously and early morning awakening which disturbs the whole sleep cycle.

When a patient complains of insomnia for several nights(short term insomnia) it is due to 1) Situational stress that is stress you are going through in present situations.
2)A change in sleep schedule found most commonly in internet users,private sector workers etc
3)Change in environment.When one is not able to adapt to new places,persons etc.

When patient complains of long term insomnia that is for several months to years it is a cause of concern.

You have heard of doctors prescribing sleeping pills to such patients but most important thing required is thorough evaluation and counselling of patient to
1)Avoid stressful activities before bed
2)Develop a regular bedtime habit that is sleeping at same time everyday
3)Prepare proper bedroom environment which should not cause disturbance in sleep
4)Maintaining consistent,regular rising times daily including sundays

So in conclusion counselling or modifying behaviour of the patient is more important if he or she suffers from stress,anxiety,depression and negativity.

The most common medicines prescribed for insomnia are
Zalepon(5 to 20 mg)
Zolpidem(5 to 10 mg)
triazolam(0.25 mg)
Lorazepam(0.5 to 2 mg)

The first three medicines have quick effect.Start should always be from a low dose and they should be used maximum for 15 to 30 days that too not on daily basis.The major problem is that people start using them as drugs of abuse resulting in overdose and thus long term dependence on them.

For those who suffer from depression drugs prescribed are
Trazodone(25 to 100 mg) most commonly prescribed as it is safe in elderly patients and has less side effects
These three drugs have less side effects than the drugs i wrote above (zalepon,zolpidem etc) as they are much safer in overdose and dependence on them does not develop early.
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dr manav

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Lower Abdominal Pain in girls and women.
« Reply #4 on: June 16, 2016, 02:48:45 PM »
Most common causes of lower abdominal pain in adult girls and women

All women will experience pain in the lower abdomen from time to time.

So here are the causes.

1) Urinary tract infection - Urine infections are common and present symptoms, such as burning when you pass urine and going to the toilet more often.

Infection can spread to the kidneys (pyelonephritis) and can make you feel unwell with a high temperature and back pain.

If you have pain that spreads from your back down to your groin and is severe – your doctor may be more concerned that you have kidney stones. The doctor will test your urine if you have any of the above symptoms.

2) Abdominal pain arising from the reproductive organs- Pain can originate from your uterus (womb), Fallopian tubes or ovaries. It's usually felt in the middle of the lower abdomen.

Pain that is felt more to the side can be more typical of a pain coming from the ovary.

Pain coming from the uterus is often worse during your period and is called dysmenorrhoea.

Some conditions affecting the reproductive system can also cause pain during intercourse. This is called dyspareunia and it is important to let your doctor know if you are troubled by it.

Examples of conditions of the reproductive organs include endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts and problems related to the early stage of pregnancy such as a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

3) Vaginal discharge - Vaginal discharge is the result of secretions produced from small glands in the lining of the vagina and the cervix.

All women have a little discharge starting a year or two before puberty and ending after the menopause.

How much discharge a woman notices changes from time to time and it will change quite a lot between periods.
A normal, physiological, discharge is usually clear, creamy or very slightly yellow.

You should consult doctor -
If there is suddenly a greater amount of discharge.
If the discharge changes colour from yellow-whitish to brownish, reddish or greenish.
If it becomes smelly.

It may be due to bacterial and fungal infections for which tests are required as recommended by gynaecologist.

Finally i suggest Ultrasound lower abdomen if anyone experiences lower abdominal pain which continuous for long duration.

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dr manav

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If someone has fever and following symptoms.
« Reply #5 on: June 20, 2016, 12:18:21 PM »
If someone elderly and even young adults in your family suffers from fever and following symptoms the disease associated could be as under

1) Fever and back pain- Osteoarthritis spine
                                    TB spondylitis
                                     Bone cancer

2) Fever and headache- Temporal arteritis
                                    Chronic Meningitis

3) Fever and right upper abdomen pain - Liver disease

4) Fever and left upper abdomen pain - Stomach infection(Gastritis)
                                                          Spleen infection

5) Fever and Whole abdomen pain - Gastroenteritis
                                                     Kidney infection
                                                     Pancreas infection

 So consult your doctor if anyone experiences these problems.
Thank you

dr manav

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dhol radio members you can ask any question related to any health problem.please dont hesitate to ask anything.
Remember friends health is wealth

dr manav

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Indigestion(Roti na digest hona)
« Reply #7 on: June 23, 2016, 10:07:03 PM »
Indigestion da matlab khaana naa digest hona.isde kayi kaaran hunde ne.

1) Gas or acid in stomach- tezaab zaada bnna jis kaaran digestion karn wale enzymes kam nahi karde te roti wapis upar wal nu aaundi hai te ulti vargi feeeling te khatte dakaar aaunde ne. Chest ch saad waali feeling aundi hai jiven k chaati andar agg laggi hove.

Is di treatment hai
1) Capsule rabeprazole te domperidone combination roz savere khaali pet
2) Tablet Ranitidine shaam nu roti ton 1 ghanta pehlan
3) syrup sucralfate 1 spoon three times a day roti ton baad

2) Intestine ch problem hona(yaani antrian ch problem hona) - Intestine ch undigested food ikattha hunda hai te jad antrian achi tarah kam nahi kardian taan kabz yani constipation te diarrhea v ho janda hai.

Is naal v indigestion ho jaandi hai.
constipation di best treatment hai paani zada piyo te syrup lactulose 2 spoon raat nu paani de naal

syrup pepsin plus fungal diastase plus peppermint oil da combination jo roti ton baad tin 3 times 1 spoon daily.is vich v digestive enzymes ne.

Main aj punjabi ch likh reha tan jo aap sab nu is da faayda hove.
Take care